Life Getting You Down?

Life is tough sometimes. We all go through some form of suffering at some point in life. Some people suffer more than others. Any number of things can trigger suffering in a person. Sometimes things get so bad that all we can think about is how to get released from it. So, how can we become free from suffering without committing suicide?

First you’ve gotta know who you are. If you are the one who is suffering, let’s really take a look at you, the subject. You are witnessing suffering. There is a suffering going on, and there is a witnessing of that suffering. Notice that. Separate the suffering (the object) from the witness (the subject). Suffering happens in the mind. Are YOU the mind? No you are watching the mind. The mind is an object to the subject. Your true self is the pure witness of thoughts and senses, the pure awareness in which all things are perceived. Thoughts and senses arise in front of you.

Now that you’ve divided your self from your thoughts and senses, can the thoughts and senses touch your self? Can you, your self, be touched at all?  Are you, the pure awareness, upset about anything? Are you angry about anything? Do you have any opinions about anything at all? Well no, pure awareness is completely quiet, completely still.

“But I still have a mind! It still suffers! How can I be free from suffering!!?”

Yes we can’t get rid of the mind, it still has the power to create feelings and thoughts which feel like suffering. But what happens when we pull our sense of self back to the safe space of the true self is, we no longer identify with the suffering and all these things just start to float away. We begin to see the truth of a lot of our own mind’s inner workings. We begin to see that most of our suffering is caused by this false identity in our head (the ego, the inner voice). We become free from suffering when we stop putting our identity into the person.

Suffering is caused only by believing you are the person. When you believe you are the person, your whole sense of self gets entwined with the feelings and thoughts. So untwist that by just observing, as the pure witness. Observe your thoughts from this place. Watch life from this place. Things get stressful? Bring yourself back to this still space and observe.

The best thing about knowing your true place in awareness is, you just know the whole time, that everything is ok, because you know that you are just perfect in your perfect place. You have total access to this infinite peace. Doesn’t matter what’s going on, you know you are ok.


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