How to be Still and Silent in Meditation

Countless people struggle to remain still in meditation.  Everywhere I see basically the same complaint, “I can’t quiet my thoughts”. The truth is we are human and we have a brain that thinks, it can never truly be silent. But we do have constant access to true silence.

The answer is so simple. First you must recognize the stillness of the true self.  The true self is that part of you which is always watching your thoughts and senses. The true self is pure awareness quietly watching.  The true self is the one who perceives perceiving. Take a moment to notice it right now, you are reading this page but something is watching you do it. You are watching you do it. You are watching even the watching of it. Thoughts are also there, and you’re watching them too from a place of pure awareness.

Turn your focus inward and look at the pure awareness. It should feel like there is a void in the background of your consciousness. Take a moment to investigate that void, how close is it to you? How close is that infinite stillness to you?

Well you should realize that you are constantly being bathed in stillness. Feel that stillness pervade your entire being. When you meditate, bring yourself back to the stillness. Pull yourself into the void. Or just point your focus into the void. Everything else can just fall away naturally. Any thoughts that appear can just pass you by like a cloud.

So it’s no longer about “becoming silent”, it’s about “noticing silence”. You are already the stillness you seek.


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