Controlling Your Subconscious

subconsciousThe subconscious is that part of your brain that controls you without you ever noticing. The subconscious makes up for most of the activity in your brain, the conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg. So how do we take control of this massive portion of our mind?

The answer isn’t simple, because there are so many different ways to work with your subconscious. But I can sum them all up in one way; Exploration of consciousness.

Below are a few examples of routes you can take to explore consciousness. Different people will have different preferences.


Lucid Dreaming

What better way to meet your subconscious than in your dreams? Your dreams are driven by the subconscious. Even when you take conscious control in a lucid dream (A conscious dream, a dream in which you are aware it is a dream), it is still your subconscious which does the work. Let’s put aside the fun aspects of lucid dreaming for a moment. What implications does this have here?

Well, you can talk to your subconscious and find out more about what it knows, by simply asking a dream character. You can create a character which you think has knowledge about a certain area of yourself, and it basically creates a portal into that area of your subconscious, for you to interact with. You can even directly ask your subconscious to change things. Bad habits, conditioned beliefs, personal limitations.

I’ve only scratched the surface here but I hope you can see the value of Lucid Dreaming when it comes to taking control of oneself.

Check out DreamViews – Lucid Dreaming Forum and Resource for more, and for a super friendly, helpful community.


Learning the psychology of yourself is another way to explore consciousness and make you more self-aware, and thus putting you in control.

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a set of scientific techniques designed to help you organize your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and language.
  • Carl Gustav Jung explores the psychology of so many ancient wisdoms, it’s unbelievable. You should definitely check some of it out.

And there is a whole world of more psychology to dig your teeth into. It helps to understand the human being, seeing as we are living as humans right now.


Enlightenment is also an exploration of consciousness and awareness. You don’t get to fly like superman like in lucid dreams, but you can free yourself from suffering, and free yourself from “The Matrix”. You transcend the physical and therefore watch the physical from the eye of truth. It becomes easy to notice the pesky things your mind does. Once you notice something, you can usually control it. Just like lucid dreaming where you know it’s a dream so you can control it.

The funny thing about this however, is that with enlightenment, the idea of control can just dissolve. You see clearly that no matter what you do, it is a conditioned response in the brain. Even the decision to uncondition yourself is conditioned. This then seems like a paradox. You gain control, and lose control at the same time. In time you see it’s not a paradox at all, it’s just two different dimensions of thinking.


There are many types of meditation, but meditation in general allows us to quiet our mind to such a level that, in life, we become more sensitive to the subtleties of the mind. Mindfulness comes naturally with practice of any meditation. Mindfulness puts you in the driver’s seat.

General Spirituality

While psychology, lucid dreaming, meditation and enlightenment can be proven to oneself very easily, every other spiritual practice is very difficult to prove, even to oneself, apart from naturally psychic people who can easily prove it to themselves. However the benefits can be easily proven to oneself. I personally look out for proof all the time, and I just keep a side note of it. I’ve got a lot of proof, but nothing I can take to a science journal just yet, but I would love to manage such a miracle. Mostly I use certain spiritual practices in order to work with my subconscious (and therefore possibly also with Spirit). Flexing the “psychic muscles” in the brain brings a lot of insight no matter what.

Every spiritual practice I know of, involves taking control of oneself in one way or another. Connection with the subconscious is critical in a lot of practices. Some people talk to non-physical entities such as spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, E.T.s, faeries and more. Spirits communicate with us via the subconscious, if you believe such a thing. But when you successfully do this, the benefits are clear, as you can be given genuine insight and guidance that helps you in some way. Whether the insight came from yourself or from Spirit, you can determine if it is beneficial by first allowing it.


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