Intro to the True Self

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There are many ways one could become enlightened, but the methods I am passionate about sharing revolve around recognition of the true self. Here I introduce you to your true self so that you can begin your inner investigation and your journey into enlightenment.

What do you think is yourself? Most people would refer to their body and say “well, this is me!”. How about this, where do you think the sense of self arises? Most people would be certain it is the mind, the brain. “I think therefore I am”.

Well I’m about to blow up your whole idea of what YOU are. Pay attention.

Let’s slow down for a moment. Take this moment to just be in the now, forget about the past and future, just be and just follow what I’m saying.

We’ve got to look at your experience exactly as it is. You can see, can’t you? You can hear things too, and you can feel things through your whole body, yes? You are witnessing all these senses, yes? Thoughts are there too, right? Ok so we’ve established that you are witnessing thoughts and senses.

Who is the witness?

Take a moment now, I just pointed at something important, and that question alone may trigger a direct experience. I want you to roll with that experience for a minute before reading on.

Well of course YOU are that witness. YOU are the one who sees. YOU are the one who experiences experiencing. YOU are the one who perceives perceiving. What is that witness? It’s pure awareness. Really try to look at this thing, does it have a shape? Does it have any qualities at all? You’re not looking with your eyes, you’re pointing your focus in the opposite direction from which you are looking. It should feel like pointing your focus into a void just behind your perception. Or into a back screen of consciousness. But what you are really doing is pointing your focus inward to the very core of your being. Inward into your awareness/consciousness. Notice that this space which is non-space is exactly where the true sense of self lies. Notice that when you say “I”, you are actually referring to this no-thing that is YOU.

Pure awareness watching your experience your whole life, and you never noticed it? I think you have noticed it. I think on a deep level we have all noticed this thing in the back of our minds. It’s like this ever-present thing hiding in plain sight. Take some time now to really notice it. Notice that YOU are that pure, formless, unchanging awareness. Notice that no matter what your body/mind does, YOU are just the observer.

Then when you feel ready with that and it has sunk in, you can either: Move onto The Stages. Or, move onto Voidanta. Or, you can hoover up any resources you can find, and pave your own path.

Feel free to ask questions in the forum.


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