What Now?

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So you have been going along a path of enlightenment some time now. You’re starting to really stabilize in it. What now? Live in your freedom. Use your freedom to pave your path. There are so many different paths you could take. Or you could always use your freedom to surrender to whatever is and just live life as one miraculous event. But always do what feels right.

If you practiced the 3 stages, don’t forget the practices from either stage. You’ve got the rest of your life to fine-tune things and figure stuff out on various different levels if you want to. Things will change, but always remember the unchanging in you.

You may in your journey suddenly feel completely content and just no longer feel the need to seek anything. That is a very good sign but it is not actually necessary to stop seeking things when you have come home to yourself. There are a bunch of practices that I have my eye on as potential great tools for any seeker looking to grow and explore consciousness and the possibilities of life. Here are just a few that you may want to look at, if you’re still a seeker:


Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a fantastic way to explore the subconscious mind. A lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware it is a dream. Also called conscious dreaming. A lucid dream can be controlled. In a lucid dream you can talk to your subconscious portraying itself as a dream character. That’s just one of the many possibilities in a lucid dreamer.

DreamViews.com is a great place to get started with lucid dreaming. It the largest online lucid dreaming community and resource in the world.


Law of Attraction

A fabulous way to use your freedom is to create the life of your dreams. Look into the law of attraction. Learn how to manifest. It’s all about turning thought into reality. It’s all about attracting things into your life by living the energy of the thing you want.


Astral Projection

I have still yet to astral project, but I will get there. The reason I want to get into astral projection is that it would be proof of “the beyond”. And it further proves that we are so much more than the body. Enlightenment already proves that we are not the body, but astral projection gives further proof, and it gives us access to a whole universe of information.


And a whole universe of other stuff to discover.

Feel free to ask questions in the forum, or tell us about your experiences!


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